Malaysian Favorites - Healthier Versions

Nov 09 , 2020


Malaysian Favorites - Healthier Versions

Malaysian's LOVE to eat and we have an abundance of local favourites that we find hard to give up although it might not be the healthiest option for a daily meal.

So why not go for the heathier versions instead? Below we have compiled some delicious and healthier favourites that we can recreate in the comforts of our home~

Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah - a healthier version that uses coconut oil!
What's a breakfast staple without the mention of the oh-so-spicy and yummy Nasi Lemak?
Check out the full recipe here

Mee Goreng Mamak - Curry & Pepper noodles; replace with quinoa noodle & grapeseed oil for a healthier meal!
Ah, one of the favourites to order during lunch and even dinner; a MUST mention if we are talking about local favs.
You won't know until you try the recipe here


Apam Balik - swap conventional with unbleached flour for a healthier choice!
A hands down favourite for snack and teatime, touted as the Malaysian pancake that has been reinvented a few times.
Thrill your taste buds with this healthier version of this sweet treat here

Tong Sui - avoid the white sugar and use molasses sugar which is natural & healthier!
Traditionally a Chinese dessert that is eaten no matter the season or time and has long been a popular choice of dessert in Cantonese cuisine.
We've got a few delicious types right here

Curry Dhal - using grapeseed oil that is cholesterol free & organic lentils!
Yes! A definite favourite that comes along with roti canai, curry dhal has quite a few versions - some are mild while others are spicy! Nevertheless, it's a delicious side dish that is a MUST.
Our healthier chickpea dhal version is available here

Pan Mee - Vegetable square noodles made from freshly blended vegetable puree, carrot, spinach, potato, beetroot!
A local favourite that is hard to miss at any hawker stalls, pan mee is usually served with hand-pulled noodles in a satisfying hot broth. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner!
This healthier recipe is sure to tickle your taste buds

Teh Tarik - (Roasted dandelion milk tea)
Literally translated to 'pulled tea', this local favourite is well-known and loved by many Malaysians. Consisting of black tea, sugar and condensed milk, this sweet and creamy tea can be quite unhealthy due to the high sugar content.
Here's a healthier version that may treat your cravings

Sago Gula Melaka - A classic pudding dessert that is not widely available, but delicious and an all-time favourite nonetheless.
Create your healthier version at home with the recipe here


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