Our Commitments

Whole foods - 整个地球

We are committed in providing only Genuine,  Certified, Highest quality and Safest organic foods from different parts of the world to your table following our Procurement 7 Principles,

  • Trusted suppliers 可靠的供应商
  • Highest quality 最高品质
  • Least processed 最低加工
  • Naturally preserved (non-Chemical preservation) 天然防腐
  • Most nutritious 最富营养
  • Safest 最安全
  • Most healthful 最健康

Wholesome business - 健全的生意

We believe to maintain a healthy and wholesome business, we must

  • Uphold ethical business dealings 坚守生意道德
  • Respect suppliers, customers and colleagues 尊重供应商、客户、同事
  • Maintain a harmonious working environment while striving for top business performance 保持和谐的工作环境,同时努力实现最佳业绩

Whole Planet - 整个地球

We believe in the Organic way of life and strive to,

  • Protect and preserve the earth 保护地球
  • Reduce and minimize waste 尽量减少浪费
  • Wholistic approach to health 整体健康的态度
  • Advocate public awareness for healthy body, mind and spirit 倡导公众对健康身体、思想和精神的意识








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