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Dear Radiant Customers,

As usual we are committed to send our organic products for lab test to ensure that they meet organic standards , Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (“HACCP”) and Good Manufacturing Practices (“GMP”) standards.


We are glad to inform you that the results are positive. Meaning, the products have been tested and shown to meet those crucial standards and are therefore absolutely safe for consumption.


As a responsible importer and distributor, we are committed to delivering to consumers food products which are not only of the best quality but, more importantly, are also unquestionably safe. We would therefore source our products only from reliable and reputable producers/suppliers and, as an added assurance, make it a point to send those products (including raw materials, finished products and packaging materials) to local accredited laboratories on a regular basis to test them for the presence of any undesirable elements including but not limited to organophosphorus, organochlorine for pesticides, heavy metal contaminants, genetically modified organisms (GMO), and microorganisms such as yeast and mould, e.coli, and coliform.

This year we tested our soya beans from Australia again, since most soy beans are being genetically modified. It is tested to be non-GMO.Sea salt is always a concern to have hard metals.Our Celtic sea salt,Brittany sea salt and Portuguese sea salt and sauce like shoyu and tamari are tested for hard metals.It is tested to be non detectable for parameters like arsenic,lead,mercury,cadmium, and antimony. We also tested chia seeds and quinoa which are very popular items for parameters like aerobic plate count,yeast & mould,e.coli and coliform.Good to report that it is safe. Pesticide test was also done on our grains,seeds,dried fruits and legumes. Results came out negative.


Each year we have 4 major audits.Namely,independent auditors from the Societe Generale de Surveillance Group (SGS) for the HACCP and GMP audits(Food Safety & Good Manufacturing Practice), and from BioGro New Zealand and Organic Alliance Malaysia (OAM) for organic certifications. And Jakim for Halal. The auditors conduct regular site audits at our premises to ensure that our facilities hygiene, work flows, packing procedures and processes, as well as the workers comply with their respective standards. Again, we are pleased to say that the audit reports have always come out good. Please do feel free to call us for any details.


Although all of the above measures mean additional costs to us, we are prepared to spend those costs so that you will feel safe to buy from us and likewise feel safe to sell to our end-consumers.


Organically yours,




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我们都会定时将我们的产品送去化验,以确定它们都符合《危害分析重要管制点系统制度》(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point  -  HACCP)以及《良好制造规范》(Good Manufacturing Practices – GMP)所设定的标准。




另外,瑞士通用验证集团(Societe Generale de Surveillance Group - SGS) 以及新西兰BioGro集团都定期派出稽查员亲临我厂分别为SGS 和HACCP检定以及有机验证作实地查核,无论是本厂的各样设备、运作流程、包装程序、甚至员工等等,都被一一审核,以鉴定是否符合各自所设的标准。而每一次,我们都通过有关审核。阁下如欲知更多详情,可以随时与我们联络。












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