Roasted Dandelion tea

Nov 10 , 2020


Roasted Dandelion tea

Roasted Dandelion

Taste of Teh Tarik is awesome, but did you know 1 cup of teh tarik contains high sugar and calories? Why not try out a healthier option?

Roasted Dandelion tea is full of benefit, one of the best detox tea. 

Dandelion root is one of the most effective detoxifying herbs, helps in

  • stimulating the liver,
  • kidneys and gallbladder.
  • Having a flavour similar to that of coffee, it can also be consumed with milk. Totally Caffeine Free.

When you make a cup of milk tea, change your ordinary tea to Roasted Dandelion tea.
Enjoy your favorite cup of tea while receiving detox benefits at the same time!



1 tea bag of Totally Tea Roasted Dandelion 

1/2 cup of milk 

1 teaspoon of molasses sugar of your choice 



  • Place the tea bag into a cup of hot water 
  • Add in molasses sugar (if you want it to be more healthy ,you can skip)
  • Follow by milk of your choice (we have some great organic options here)

And it's done! let's enjoy a cup of aromatic teh tarik ~


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