Seafood Noodle Soup | 海鲜汤面

Jul 30 , 2020


Seafood Noodle Soup | 海鲜汤面

Organic Tri Veggie Noodle. Vibrant colour that not only makes your meal appetizing, but also loaded with nutrients and most importantly without :
- No Preservatives
- No Additives
- No Colouring
- Non-GMO


Ingredient (1 serving):
50g peeled anchovies
3 medium size prawn
2 small squids, cut to small pieces
1 bunch of noodle
1 Pok Choy

Recipe :
- Prepare according to package instruction and set aside.

Soup based:
50g peeled anchovies, simmer with 300ml water. Sieve and bring to boil again.
Add in prawns, squid and vegetables, cook for 5 minutes.
Season with salt and pepper

Pour the soup onto noodles, serve immediately.

Check out the noodles:

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