Traditional Red Bean Mooncake

Sep 20 , 2020


Traditional Red Bean Mooncake

🥮 Traditional Mooncakes! 🥮
It's that time of the year again; Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner and everyone is either gifting or eating these sweet treats - but hold on! Mooncakes are usually high in sugar and fat, which makes it unhealthy to be consuming on a daily basis. 😲
Try this homemade Traditional Mooncake recipe, a healthier option as compared to store-bought ones, without compromising the taste and texture~


Traditional Mooncake (Red Bean)

Yields: 10-12


Golden Syrup:

800g Radiant Organic Unrefined Sugar

200g Radiant Organic Brown Sugar

2-3 slices organic lemon



Put all ingredients in a pot.

Bring to boil.

Turn to low heat and cook for 1 1/2 hours until golden brown.

*Keep the golden syrup for at least 3 months before utilising.


Mooncake pastry (low sugar):

150g Radiant Organic Unbleached Plain Flour

100g Radiant Organic Unbleached Cake / Pastry Flour

120g golden syrup

80g Radiant Organic Grape seed oil

1 tsp alkaline water


Mooncake Pastry: Mix all ingredients till well combined. Set aside for 30 minutes – 1 hour


Red Bean Paste Filling (Low sugar):

600g Radiant Organic Adzuki Beans (Red Beans)

100g Radiant Organic Brown Sugar

100g Radiant Organic Molasses Sugar

2 Tbsp Radiant Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

1 Tbsp Maltose

2 Tbsp Rose Sugar

200g Radiant Organic Grape seed oil

Batter (mixed)

50g Grape seed oil

40g wheat starch

20g Radiant Organic Plain flour



  • Soak red beans in water for 3 hours or overnight.

  • Remove water and put in a pot with water cover the beans and cook until soft.
  • Grind red bean into paste.
  • Heat up pot with grapeseed oil. Fry the red bean paste till boiling. Add sugar and rose sugar.
  • Gradually add in cooking oil and keep stir-frying till the paste is firm.

  • Add maltose and batter. Continue to stir-fry until the paste is not stick to the pot.

Combining pastry and filling: 
  • Divide paste into 10-12 portions, shape into balls.
  • Divide skin dough into 55g-60g each (depends on the size of your mould), shape into a ball, flatten it and wrap in a portion of filling.
  • Put mooncake into a floured mould, press well and then knock 4 sides of the mould and gently remove the mooncake from the mould.

  • Arrange them onto a baking tray and spray with water before putting into the oven.
  • Bake in a preheated oven at 180c for 15 minutes. Remove and leave aside to cool for 10 minutes.
  • Brush the top with beaten egg yolk. Bake again for 10 minutes until golden brown.

Note: For a better result, leave mooncakes aside for 2-3 days for the pastry skin to “breathe” and will become softer.

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