Broccoli Quinoa Bowl

Nov 17 , 2020


Broccoli Quinoa Bowl

Do you know being healthy and fit doesn't mean you have to crave yourself ! You can always have a complete and proper meal by cooking it yourself. From changing your main ingredient white rice to quinoa. Quinoa provide twice of the protein and fiber compare to same amount of white rice. Not only that , it fill you up faster with small amounts. It also is an alternative for diabetes people ,quinoa can be particularly beneficial for people with diabetes, since fiber and protein are considered important for keeping blood sugar under control.

Full Nutrients in a bowl - Broccoli quinoa bowl


  • Pre-cook ½ cup of quinoa
  • Fried one sunny side up egg
  • Pan grill the prawn until medium cooked
  1. Heat the pan with grape seed oil, sauté garlic and onion until fragrance.
  2. Place the cooked quinoa, prawn and cut broccoli to stir fry together
  3. Add in flavouring sea salt, chilli flakes, black peppers.
  4. You’re done! Serve on a plate and place the egg on top, sprinkle with flaxseed.



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