Apricot Walnut Bread (Bread maker recipe)

Oct 15 , 2021


Apricot Walnut Bread (Bread maker recipe)

Apricot Walnut Bread (Bread maker recipe)

250g high protein flour
120ml milk
1 egg
30g walnut (lightly chopped)
50g apricot (diced)
1 tsp yeast
1/2 tsp salt
30g brown/molasses sugar
20g butter

1. Add the milk and egg into the bread tin followed by the dry ingredients; flour, yeast, salt, sugar and butter.
2. Place the bread tin into the bread maker machine.
3. Add the walnut and apricot into the dry fruits/nuts compartment tray of the machine.
4. Select the "sweet bread" mode and let the bread maker machine do the magic!

*If your breadmaker doesn't have a nut/fruits compartment, add in the walnut and apricot when the "beep" sound rings during the kneading cycle.


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