7 Colour Happy Prosperity Noodle

Jan 28 , 2022


7 Colour Happy Prosperity Noodle

Enjoy good fortune and prosperity this Chinese New Year with a delicious and colourful serving of noodles!


Check out this featured 7 Colour Happy Prosperity Noodle below~

Special thanks to Jessie Koo for sharing this wonderful recipe and beautiful pictures!



Prosperity Noodle


✅ Clearspring Avocado Oil
✅ Radiant Sesame Oil
✅ Radiant Cashew Nut
✅ Radiant Pumpkin Seed
✅ Radiant Organic Tri Veggie Noodle
✅ Radiant Sunflower Kernel
✅ Radiant Coconut Flour
✅ Radiant Shoyu
✅ Prawns
✅ Salt, Pepper for seasoning
✅ Goji Berries for toppings
  1. Marinate prawn with soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper for at least 30 min. Coated with coconut flour and leave in for 5 min.
  2. Placed cashew into zipper bag. Crushed cashew nuts to bits using a roller. Set aside, mix with sunflower kernel, pumpkin seed and dashed with avocado oil for the shiny outlook.
  3. Placed organic tri veggie noodle into a pot of boiled water. At the same time get ready a pot of cold water by the side. Boil the noodle about 5 min for average texture. Depending to the softness of noodle preferred, once done- scoop up the noodle and put in through the cold water for about few second. This is to get the springy texture of noodle. Placed noodle into a big bowl, put 2 table spoon of sesame oil and mushroom seasoning in it and stir so that it do Not sticking to each other.
  4. Cover 1/5 of a wok with avocado oil, enough to cover prawns. Coated prawn are to fried till golden brown so that it’s crunchy.
  5. Goji berry are to soak in water for 5 min to soften it. Lightly loosen the noodle covered it with nut mix and goji berry.
  6. Finally placed the fried prawn on to the noodle dish and we got a colored, healthy dish for CNY that uses organic products.
  7. If you are like me who loves coriander and red chili, chopped it and sprinkle on the dish.


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