Plant Omega Common Q&A

Apr 15 , 2024

Plant Omega Common Q&A

Plant Omega Common Q&A

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Chia Seed

Chia seed are high in iron, folate, calcium, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids and soluble fiber. The superseed’s calcium and magnesium promote bone and dental health, while the omega-3s help your heart by lowering triglycerides, the bad fats in your blood that can cause heart disease. Their soluble fiber helps decrease cholesterol, stabilize blood sugar, and make you feel full longer.



These little, brown superseeds are a great source of soluble fiber, which helps lower cholesterol, makes you feel fuller longer, and aids in stabilizing blood sugar levels. Flaxseeds are packed with omega-3 fatty acid, which benefits eye and brain health, and can help lower triglycerides. High in lignan, a plant-like form of estrogen, they may also help prevent certain cancers.



1) What are the benefits of Plant Omega?

Plant Omega contains Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) & converted to EPA, then to DHA in the human body. The Health Benefits of Plant-Based Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are a vital building block for good health. Since the human body can't naturally produce these valuable polyunsaturated fatty acids on its own, it relies on foods that are rich in omega-3s.

✅ Improved heart health and reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

✅ Decreased inflammation and reduced joint pain and stiffness.

✅ Better brain function, memory, and cognitive ability.

✅ Stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis.

✅ Contains phytonutrients that are crucial in contributing to anti-cancer effects.

✅ Reduces cholesterol levels.

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2) How long can I keep Premium Pure Plant Omega after opening?

After opening, best to consume it within 1-2 months. You can keep it under room temperature like in a cabinet or area where it won’t be exposed to direct sunlight and high heat.


3) Is Plant Omega suitable for blood vessel blockage?

Yes. Plant Omega contain Omega 3, the main function for Omega 3 is “Blood Vessel Scavenger”.


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4) Can knee pain consume Plant Omega?

You may try it. If it's effective may has an option besides surgery.


5) If gastric acid can consume Plant Omega?

Some patients who have gastric issue, after consuming Plant Omega no more gastric issue.


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6) How long do I need to consume Plant Omega for the cholesterol-lowering effects?

It will need about 3 months for the cholesterol-lowering to show effects, which mean 3 cans of Plant Omega. Meantime, the diet and lifestyle need to be modified together for a more significant effect.


7) Can Plant Omega help in Sciatica?

Yes. Plant Omega effective in anti-inflammation, it helps in reduce pain.


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8) How old children can consume Plant Omega?

Recommend 2 years old above children, 1 scoop of Plant Omega each time.


9) Can Plant Omega help in arthritis?

Yes. 1 – 3 cans of Plant Omega may help for arthritis.


10) Can G6PD children drink Plant Omega?

Plant Omega doesn’t contain of fava beans, so it suitable for G6PD patient to consume it.


11) Can Thalassemia consume Plant Omega?

If seriously dizzy, not recommend to drink Plant Omega.


12) Will it gain weight if 1 day consume 3 times of Plant Omega?

1 glass of Plant Omega consist 100 calories, it can be replacement meals.


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13) Can patient who consuming warfarin consume Plant Omega?

Recommend drink half – 1 scoop of Plant Omega.


14) What’s the different of Plant Omega and Fish Oil Omega 3?

Plant Omega consist of fiber, phytonutrients, enhance our body health.


15) Can Plant Omega help for pregnant eczema?

Plant Omega can help for eczema, most important, Plant Omega help in constipation, because Plant Omega consist of fiber.


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16) Can a patient with cancer consume it?

For breast cancer patient may drink 1 – 2 cups Plant Omega per week, the other cancer patient can drink Plant Omega as usual.


17) Will Plant Omega cause heat?

If you consume not enough of water, you may feel heaty.


18) Can hygroma patient consume it?

We have one case of patient with uterine tumors, she recovers after drinking Plant Omega.


19) Children with atopic dermatitis can consume?

Yes. Plant Omega is effective in anti-inflammation.


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20) Can I use hot water to prepare Premium Pure Plant Omega?

Yes. You can use hot water to prepare Premium Pure Plant Omega, but take note that boiling water may potentially destroy some nutrients. It is recommended to use lukewarm water to prepare the beverage.


21) When/what time to consume Plant Omega is the best?

There is no specific time to consume Premium Pure Plant Omega. It is recommended to serve the Plant Omega as a healthier beverage choice together with your breakfast, afternoon tea, or night drink.


22) What is the acceptable age range to consume Premium Pure Plant Omega?

Premium Pure Plant Omega is suitable for 2 years old and above to consume. For 6 months old to 2 years old, kindly seek the recommended amount from your consultant dietitian or physician.


23) Can Plant Omega be served as a meal replacement?

Yes. Premium Pure Plant Omega can be served as a meal replacement. This is because it contains complete nutrition with three macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein, and fat), as well as dietary fiber which can enhance satiety.


24) Can a patient with diabetes consume Plant Omega?

Yes. The recommended carbohydrate intake for a patient with diabetes is 14g - 34g per meal, and one serving of Premium Pure Plant Omega contains 16.9g of carbohydrate, which is about 1 unit of carbohydrate. Thus, it is suitable for patients with diabetes to consume. In addition, Premium Pure Plant Omega contains dietary fiber that will help in blood glucose management.


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25) Is Premium Pure Plant Omega gluten-free?

Premium Pure Plant Omega contains a minimal amount of gluten due to wheat germ. Kindly seek your consultant dietitian or physician for recommended intake if you have gluten intolerance.


26) Will Premium Pure Plant Omega cause bloating?

No. Premium Pure Plant Omega will not cause bloating as it is whole grain based. Unlike milk or soy-based, usually these are the key elements that may cause bloating.


27) Premium Pure Plant Omega contains fructose, is it bad for health?

No, fructose is the natural sugar found in fruits, some vegetables, and honey. It will only be an issue if it is consumed in excess large amounts. In Premium Pure Plant Omega, the content of fructose is minimal.


28) Can Premium Pure Plant Omega mix with other beverages?

Yes, it can be mixed with other beverages like cocoa powder, soy protein, etc. Do note that beverages that contain caffeine may reduce some of the absorption of Omega-3.


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29) Who is not suitable or should take note when taking Premium Pure Plant Omega?

For the population with low platelet count, taking blood thinning medications, bleeding disorders, hormone receptor positive cancers, should take note when taking Premium Pure Plant Omega. Kindly seek the recommended amount from your consultant dietitian or physician.

30) Can a person with high uric acid/gout consume Plant Omega?

If experiencing gout attack and is ultrasensitive, temporarily not advisable. However, for mild cases, it is still acceptable to take 1 scoop per day.


31) Is Premium Pure Plant Omega lactose-free?

Yes. There is no lactose content in Premium Pure Plant Omega.