NZ Organic Honey Common Ask

Apr 16 , 2024

NZ Organic Honey Common Ask

NZ Organic Honey Common Ask

How Honey Is Made?


Forager bees collect nectar from flowers, storing it in their secondary stomach known as the honey stomach. Enzymes within this stomach break down the nectar into simpler sugars. Upon returning to the hive, the nectar is transferred from the foragers to worker bees, who then deposit it into the cells of the hive. Inside the hive, bees fan their wings to evaporate moisture from the nectar. When the interior temperature of the hive reaches approximately 95°F and the moisture content of the nectar is reduced to 17% - 20%, it transforms into honey. At this point, bees secrete beeswax from glands in their abdomen to seal the honey cells.


Does Honey Need to be Refrigerated?


Do not refrigerate honey. Cold temperatures can cause evaporation and result in crystallization of the honey. Store honey in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.


When Is The Best Time To Eat Honey?


Honey remains a nutritious option whether consumed on an empty stomach or before/after meals. For those experiencing stomach discomfort, it's suggested to take honey with lukewarm water in the morning. A recommendation for you: Try having Kanuka honey in the morning, as consuming it before bed could potentially irritate the throat and affect sleep quality afterward. Enjoy Kanuka honey directly.

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Can I use a Metal or Stainless-Steel Spoon For NZ Honey?


For NZ Honey, you may use a metal spoon without any issues. However, when it comes to Manuka honey, it's not recommended to use a metal spoon. Manuka honey contains MGO (methylglyoxal), a living antibacterial compound that is only present in Manuka flower. Using metal spoons may cause a static reaction with the MGO in Manuka honey, potentially altering its beneficial properties or taste.


Don't give Honey to Babies! Why?

Can Infants Consume Honey?


Infants under 12 months should avoid raw honey and honey products (including processed or baked goods) due to the risk of infant botulism (intestinal infection). After turning one, it's generally safe for them to consume honey as their digestive systems are usually developed, but consult a pediatrician if there are any digestive issues.

Can Diabetes Patients Eat Honey?


Diabetes patients type 1 should consult a doctor, while diabetes patients type 2 should not consume more than one teaspoon of honey a day.


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How Is NZ Bush Tree Honey Produced?


In addition to floral nectar, bees also collect “honeydew”, which is a sugary secretion found on certain trees, such as beech trees. “Honeydew” is a sugary substance stored in the gut of scale insects and later secreted as goop onto the tree. The enzymatic activity of “honeydew” from the gut of scale insects has benefits for human gut health.