Apr 17 , 2020

Food is the fuel of lives

Food is the fuel of lives

Food is important for healing. Hippocrates said food is medicine. So what food is suitable for human beings? We need a compassionate diet, an ethical, healthy, natural, environmental friendly diet. We are part of nature and we must therefore obey the laws of nature.


Vegetarian diet is the choice.

By nature, human beings are non-meat eaters. Their physiology, bodily functions and digestive systems are different from carnivorous animals.Hence, by cutting down meat consumption or completely abstaining from meat, we can achieve many good results as follows:


(A) Reduce world hunger.

It takes 16 lbs of grains to feed a cow to produce 1 lb of beef while it takes 1 lbs of grain to produce 1 lbs of bread.


(B) Have a cleaner living environment.

Animal waste pollute our water table and chemical fertilizers discharge to the rivers and seas are harmful to humans and sea lives.


(C) Better health.

Animal factory farming uses growth enhancer, forced feeding, antibiotics for prevention of illness and chemical feed mixtures. These unnatural and unethical ways poison the meat and eventually adversely affect the health of the meat eaters.


(D) Avoid cruelty to animals and save lives of animals.

Humans need to learn to coexist with Mother Nature. Animals reared for their meat are treated with much cruelty. When animals are slaughtered, they are terrified and produce highly toxic by-products which get into their bloodstream and stays in the flesh. When such meat is consumed, the high level of uric acid stays in human tissues.


A clean diet produces a clean body, brings forth calmness, clarity of the mind and harmony in our body system. A healthy diet helps the body to heal. Seeing the benefits of vegetarian diet, those of us who are still meat-eaters may opt to make a change. This can be done gradually over a transitional period. We can start with 1 vegetarian meal in a week, gradually increasing it to, say, 3 in a week and so on so forth. The important thing is to do so voluntarily, willingly and happily.


A balanced diet

50 to 60%: whole-wheat, whole-grains, unpolished rice, whole-grain noodles.


25 to 30%: vegetables, root vegetables, squashes.


5 to 10%: fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds, sea vegetables, sea salt, mild Chinese herbs, natural beverages.



“Organic” food should be selected which have been grown without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Refined and processed food should be avoided. Meat, milk products, sugar, spices and chemical seasoning should be avoided. In harmony with the weather, warming foods should be consumed during cold weather and cooling foods during hot weather.


In order to remain in balance with nature, seasonal and local foods should be consumed whenever available.




Constructive foods

They nourish and regenerate cells, heal the body and increase our energy level. Found in life and natural foods. Take foods in their most natural state.



Local fruits and vegetables.

Grains - wheat, brown rice, rye grain, barley, buckwheat, maize grain, oat grouts, quinoa, amaranth, kibble rye and millet.

Legumes - mung bean, adzuki bean, lima bean, soya bean, garbanzo, black bean, Pinto and lentils.

Nuts - almond, cashew nut, hazelnut, Brazil nut, macadamia, and walnut.

Seeds - sesame, sunflower, flaxseed, pumpkin and fenugreek.

Sprouts - bean sprouts, wheat sprouts, Alfafa, buckwheat, sunflower sprouts.


Destructive foods

Heavily processed, fibre-less, unnatural, chemicalized, food colouring and preservatives are best to be avoided and have little or no nutritional value to heal the body.



Refined starches - white flour (replaced with whole wheat flour, unbleached plain flour)

Refined sugar - white sugar (replaced with brown sugar, molasses, raw cane sugar and another sweetener like rice syrup, maple syrup and honey)

Meat - replaced with soy products and other protein rich foods like bean sprouts, sesame seeds, sunflower seed and vegetables.

Milk - the best substitute of human milk is goat’s milk, carrot juice, seed milk, and fruit juice. Others are soy milk, rice milk, oat milk and multi-grain milk.


Food and the state of mind when eating work hand in hand.

The best food becomes a poison in the body system if consumed while emotions are negative. Negative feelings give rise to poor digestion and toxemia develop. Positive feelings give rise to good digestion and good assimilation. If one enjoys one’s meal, the entire emotional reactions are constructive and conducive to the improvement of the mind, hence giving energy and power to the body. At every meal, hold the thought that “ I want vibrant health and I am going to get it so that I can benefit all sentient beings”


Eat with gratitude and we will radiate positive energy to the food and bring forth harmony in the body system.


Mastication and chewing are important.” Drink your food and eat your liquids”.


Eating slowly aids digestion. When we are relaxed, the parotid glands produce saliva that contains digestive enzymes that easily digest food.


Bringing consciousness to our eating helps us to connect the food with ourselves to make us aware of what is going on in our bodies, our feelings and our minds and in the world.


Mindful eating can cultivate seeds of compassion and understanding that will strengthen our will to get better (physically and spiritually) for the benefits of others.