Apr 17 , 2020

Benefits of Miso

9 Benefits of Miso

  1. Miso is made from soya beans. It is a product that has been fermented and aged. It has living enzymes that aid our digestive process. It provides a nutritional balance between carbohydrates, essential oils, vitamins, minerals and proteins.
  2. It has 11 times more protein than cow's milk.
  3. Twice as much protein as meat or fish.
  4. Its valuable enzymes help our intestinal flora to digest food.
  5. Soya beans are rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, other minerals and lecithin. (It is important these days to acquire soya beans that are organic because it is one of the products that have been genetically modified).
  6. When we are suffering from fatigue and tiredness it helps us relieve these conditions.
  7. It helps to dissolve cholesterol in the blood.
  8. Benefits people with high blood pressure and allergies.
  9. It is recommendable to have one or two small cups of miso soup every day.      



Vegetables Miso Soup


1 carrot, 1onion, 1/4 cabbage, 1/2 block of tofu, I strip of kombu seaweed. (Optional mushrooms)
1 tablespoon sesame oil, I tablespoon miso, 1 litre water, sea salt to taste.

Cut vegetables into strips and tofu into cubes.
Saute onions, in sesame oil for a couple of minutes and add carrots, cabbage and kombu seaweed.
Add water and bring to a boil. Simmer till tender and add the tofu. Simmer for another 3-4 minutes.
Off the fire and add miso and salt. Serve while hot.


Miso can also be used in noodle soup and stir fry vegetables.

Slice onion moon shaped  



Miso is a well-balanced nutritious food,
which has various good effects on your health.







Expected Effectiveness






Reduce blood cholesterol; maintain elasticity of blood vessels ; prevent cerebral apoplexy


vitamin B2




Promote oxidization reduction in the body


vitamin B12




Help blood formation; reduce mental fatigue


vitamin E




Inhibit generation of lipid peroxide; anti-aging




koji, yeast, lactic acid bacteria


Help digestion






Inhibit generation of lipid peroxide; reduce blood cholesterol ; prevent hardening of the arteries; prevent hepatopathy


trypsin inhibitor




Anti-cancer; prevent diabetes






Deoxidization; alleviate stiff neck and shoulders; anti-mutagenicity; prevent breast cancer






Reduce blood cholesterol; prevent hardening of the arteries ; prevent senile deterioration






Prevent fatty liver; anti-aging


prostaglandin E


linoleic acid in soybeans


Prevent high blood pressure


brown pigment




Inhibit generation of lipid peroxide; anti-aging


dietary fiber




Reduce blood cholesterol; prevent colon cancer