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Oat, Champion Breakfast For Good Health

Radiant Organic Oats (HALAL) respects the purity of oats in its best form - organic is how it should be. This is why we only use Australian grown organic oats. The oat is certified by BioGro (NZ) for its authenticity. Consume our oat which is free of unwanted harmful substances for your peace of mind. No high heat treatment and the fast-steam process employed ensure longer shelf life, zero bitter taste and no additives needed.

Our oats retains nutrients such as fiber, protein, magnesium, potassium, and omega 3 fatty acids plus others. Each spoon of Radiant Organic Oats nourishes your body with essential nutrients that supports better health and well-being.

Delight in every meal

whole oat

Non sulphured dried fruit

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No added

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Soak Up Oat-some Goodness

Soaking VS Cooking

  • Soaked oats are more delicious, chewy and flavourful.
  • Fibre and nutrients are kept intact
  • Soaked oats are more delicious, chewy and flavourful.
  • Fibre and nutrients are kept intact
  • Cooking makes oats bland and tasteless.
  • Cooking destroys the fibre and nutrients, hence to lower cholestrol is not efficient.

Soaking is the best way to prepare oat. It’s slow but gentle, time-consuming but ultimately rewarding because nutrients are not destroyed unlike high heat cooking. Soaking breaks down starch gradually which helps your body absorb the nutrients completely. This also creates digestion-friendly and filling oats that’s consumable even for people with gluten sensitivities. We recommend soaking as the ideal preparation method for Radiant Organic Oats.

How to soak your oats

Step 1

Add warm water to cover and leave at least an inch of water over the oats in a bowl.

(Possible options include plain water, low-fat milk, soy milk and yogurt, almond milk)

Step 2

Mix the contents of the bowl to blend the oats and liquid together. Leave to soak for 5 minutes.

(Soaking longer will allow more flavour to be absorbed - up to preference)

Step 3

Stir oats slightly and top it off with your favourite topping before serving.

(Topping suggestion includes fruits, nuts, seeds - or you can eat it plain too)


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