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The journey to change the world starts with a helping hand.

We strive to do our part to protect and preserve our Mother Earth. We minimize waste, recycle where possible, all office paper products, cartons, and packaging to the maximum extent. As earth resources are depleting day by day, let's be mindful of our consumption, whether in food or our daily necessities. We advocate a holistic approach to health. Our objective is also to create public awareness of natural and organic whole foods for healthy body, mind, and spirit.

How We Can Make a Difference

Meet the partners who help us transform lives

“A homegrown food bank and food rescue NGO that rescues ‘lost’ (or surplus) quality, nutritious food, and other surplus goods from going to landfill, and redistributes these food and other essential items to over 60 charities and thousands of B40 families across the country.”

- The Lost Food Project (TLFP)

“A charitable organisation aimed to rescue surplus food, sort and re-distribute it to the identified targeted B40 communities, charity home, welfare center and Program Perumahan Rakyat Termiskin (PPRT) through strategic partners to reduce food waste and to help to ease and lessen the cost of living of the underprivileged Malaysian.” 

- Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia

We align with like-minded businesses

Businesses that support the cause; from sugar plastic to organic ingredients.

• Ecostore
• Only Organic
• Clearspring
• Lakewood Juice
• Pureharvest
• Living Planet

Our Impacts & Efforts


A summary of our latest journey in making a difference to feed the hungry and protect our Mother Earth.


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