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In 1993, Malcolm and Melanie Rands teamed up to operate an ecostore in a small New Zealand ecovillage. Together they share the passion to help families care for their homes, their health, and the world. Each product we design for home, body, hair, oral, and baby are crafted with extreme care. Our eco-friendly products embody the spirit for creating safer homes, healthier world, and a better tomorrow - they’re easy to use with high performance results.

Radiant Whole Food

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Sustainability is not a retail myth to us. We make it a reality through biodegradable ingredients, zero carbon manufacturing, and sugarcane plastic bottles. Our continuous pursuits for energy and resources conservation, plus waste reduction are commitments to a greener environment. 

No.1 eco brand in New Zealand

  • Plant & mineral-based formulations that are GE/GMO-free
  • pH balanced 
  • Safe for babies and ultrasensitive skin

100% recyclable to reduce carbon footprint

Cruelty-free in every drop 

Choose a better tomorrow

For little one


For your body


For your hair


For your home


For your smile


Did you know

Our sugar plastic bottles made from sugarcane reduce your carbon footprint and are 100% recyclable through municipal facilities.

By choosing products packaged in sugar plastic bottles, you’re helping to protect the environment for future generations. That’s because they’re made from a renewable, sustainable alternative to petroleum-based plastic that fights climate change by capturing CO₂ from the atmosphere as it grows.

We also use recyclable FSC cardboard to package our laundry detergent powder, soaps, skincare and oral care ranges. 

Radiant Whole Food

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