Common Plant Omega FAQ

Common FAQs From Premium Pure Live:

1. 需要在开封后多久喝完?


How long can I keep Premium Pure Plant Omega after opening?

After opening, best to consume it within 1 month.

2. 血管阻塞适合饮用?

更需要喝,因为omega 3其中一个最大功能叫做“血管清道夫“。

Is Plant Omega suitable for blood vessel blockage?

Yes. Plant Omega contain Omega 3, the main function for Omega 3 are “Blood Vessel Scavenger”.

3. 膝盖疼痛适合饮用?


Can knee pain consume it?

You may try it. If it's effective may has an option besides surgery.

4. 胃酸过多适合饮用?


If gastric acid can consume?

Some patient who have gastric issue, after consuming Plant Omega no more gastric issue.

5. 喝多久改善胆固醇过高?

建议3个月内食用Plant Omega 最好,也就是3罐Plant Omega。同时,可调整您的整体饮食和生活方式以达到更显著的降胆固醇 效果。

How long do I need to consume for the cholesterol-lowering effects?

It will need about 3 months for the cholesterol-lowering to show effects, which mean 3 cans of Plant Omega. Meantime, the diet and lifestyle need to be modified together for a more significant effect.

6. 可以改善坐骨神经痛?

Plant Omega 非常有效消炎症,所以疼痛会减少,主要针对炎症。

Can Plant Omega help in Sciatica?

Yes. Plant Omega effective in anti-inflammation, it helps in reduce pain.

7. 几岁儿童适合饮用?

建议2岁或以上,喝1汤匙Plant Omega 就可以了。

How old children can consume Plant Omega?

Recommend 2 years old above children, 1 scoop of Plant Omega each time.

8. 关节炎可以改善?

1罐到3罐Plant Omega 就可以改善关节炎。

Can Plant Omega help in arthritis?

Yes. 1 – 3 cans of Plant Omega may help for arthritis.

9. G6PD儿童适合饮用?

Plant Omega 里面没有蚕豆,所以是适合饮用。

Can G6PD children drink Plant Omega?

Plant Omega doesn’t contain of fava beans, so it suitable for G6PD patient to consume it.

10. 地中海贫血症适合饮用?


Can Thalassemia consume it?

If seriously dizzy, not recommend to drink Plant Omega.

11. 一天喝3次会发胖吗?


Will it gain weight if 1 day consume 3 times of Plant Omega?

1 glass of Plant Omega consist 100 calories, it can be replacement meals.

12. 服用血薄药适合饮用?

建议喝半汤匙到1汤匙的Plant Omega。

Can patient who consuming warfarin consume Plant Omega?

Recommend drink half – 1 scoop of Plant Omega.

13. Plant Omega 和鱼Omega 3 有什么区别?

Plant Omega 有纤维,有植物营养素,是让我们健康,文明病可以进步,不会恶化,可以提高我们的身体健康。

What’s the different of Plant Omega and Fish Oil Omega 3?

Plant Omega consist of fibre, phytonutrients, enhance our body health.

14. 孕妇湿疹有帮助吗?

Plant omega可以帮助湿疹,最重要是可以帮助便秘,因为Plant Omega 里含有纤维有助便秘。

Can Plant Omega help for pregnant eczema?

Plant Omega can help for eczema, most important, Plant Omega help in constipation, because Plant Omega consist of fibre.

15. 癌症患者适合饮用吗?

乳癌患者可以喝1 - 2杯1个星期,其他的癌症患者都可以喝。

Can a patient with cancer consume it?

For breast cancer patient may drink 1 – 2 cups Plant Omega per week, the other cancer patient can drink Plant Omega as usual

16. 喝了会热气吗?


Will Plant Omega cause heat?

If you consume not enough of water, you may feel heaty.

17. 水瘤适合饮用吗?

曾经有一位喝了Plant Omega, 她的子宫肿瘤好了。

Can hygroma patient consume it?

We have one case of patient with uterine tumors, she recovers after drinking Plant Omega.

18. 小孩有异位性皮肤炎适合饮用?

Plant Omega 非常有效消炎症,主要针对炎症。

Children with atopic dermatitis can consume?

Yes. Plant Omega is effective in anti-inflammation.