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Radiant Wholefood flours are milled from only 100% certified GMO free organic cereal grains with no cross contamination from non-organic grains. The factory uses a mix of modern and traditional milling techniques to produce a wide range of organic flours, kibbles and meals. Our whole meal products are made on traditional mill stones which protect nutrients and enzymes of the flour and retain the goodness of the whole grain. Our flours are stored in a controlled temperature warehouse at 10ºC for insect control and freshness. Proudly Australian Flours.


Home baked bread are healthier and safer for your family.Our carefully sourced organic flours are grown organically without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Neither is it produced with additives.You might be wondering as to why a commercially baked bread is whiter,fluffier,softer in mouth feel and probably last longer.

Modern technology has developed hybrid strains of wheat which produces more gluten but at the expense of a lower mineral content.Hence you see fortified flour with calcium and vitamin E on supermarket shelves. Modern farming boost yields by adding sulphur and nitrogen compounds into the soil. The resulting wheat flour has double the amount of fast and slow omega-gliadins (a class of protein) which can trigger gut inflammation and wheat allergies.This could be the possible reason of the increasing population of wheat allegies. Natural flour is not white and has an odour ,smell not acceptable by most people.The conventional flour is gassed with permitted amount of chlorine dioxide to make it white and odourless. This destroys the natural vitamin E .Residues of these nasty compounds stays in the flour though might be at safe level.

Conventional white flour does not have weevils or grow mouldy because propionic acid (also known as propanoic acid) is often added . This chemical is used as preservatives in human food and animal feed especially cattle feed.It act as an antibiotic for animal feed. In medicinal uses,it has anti fungal properties and  used in skin cream. It is good to know that some conventional whole wheat flour are actually white bleached flour with additives of indigestible vegetable fibre or methyl cellulose, a synthetic fibre compound( derived from wood pulp and cotton) use in making of laxatives.

To speed up the fermentation of bread ( as time is money in the baking industry) ammonium chloride may offen be added. This compound is used in fertilizers,cough medicine,leather and textile industry and electrolyte in disposable batteries.Also known as sal ammoniac,a  food additive under E number E510.

Lets asked ourselves why we need so many chemicals in our food though in permitted amounts? As we all know we consume flour in many ways daily either through breads,pastries,noodles or roti canai.It is like a staple food to most of us. Based on my personal experience,once I drop off conventional  bread and make my own bread My indigestion,flatulence or skin problems slowly subsides. Do make a change today and ask for good quality ORGANIC FLOURS!


We are the supplier of kialla Pure Foods (Australia) organic wheat flour in Malaysia.
If you like to buy in bulk like 20 kg bag, you can trace the authenticity of our organic flour by logging the batch number onto 
Check out where is it grown and who is the farmer?

We pack into 1 kg pack,you can refer  to the BioGro audit organic certificate.

That's how serious we are to make sure you get genuine organic flour.We believe in transparency and integrity throughout the food chain.



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