Natural Pastures
New Zealand

Not all organic milk is created equal.

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Cowala Organic
Raises The Bar

Introducing Cowala Organic – our breakthrough milk powder that delivers unadulterated milk straight from the farms to you. As the prestigious pharmaceutical-grade hygiene dairy company, we are the first with this distinction in New Zealand. Every happy family worldwide nourished by Cowala authentic milk is our pride and joy.


New Zealand – Pinnacle of Dairy Excellence, Source of Cowala Organic Milk

Produced in a clean pristine environment

Trusted supplier of premium dairy products to the global market

World’s most clean and green pastures, a paradise of natural products

Zero Compromise on Cowala Organic Standards

Basic requirements of processing

Certified organic ingredients only

Produced in certified manufacturing plants

No chemical pollution

Mandatory documentation and controlled processes

Caring for Our Cows

Free range and well-cared for cattles produce tastier milk.

  • Original grass feeding only
  • 3-month rest for every cow
  • Close monitoring of cows’ physical and mental health via tracking chips
  • Enhanced traceability of organic milk
  • NO hormones
  • NO antibiotics
  • Abundant rainfall and extended sunshine hours for high-quality grass growth
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Milk sourced from natural pastures

No synthetic pesticide

No hormones

No synthetic fertilizers


Know what goes into your milk:

 Enhanced food safety:
Rigorous safety requirements and organic certifications for products made in New Zealand

Visible traceability:
Highly detailed tracking system starting from quality of the soil, cow feed, processing, and packaging to transportation

Reputable manufacturing:
Produced by GMP Dairy, the first pharmaceutical-grade hygiene dairy factory in New Zealand

Strict quality control:
Milk source and production process are heavily supervised 

Fortified Quality Assurance

"One Can, One Code" traceability system

Easy-to-find hygienic scoop in the
lid to avoid cross contamination

Unique high lid design to stay hygienic

Solid can and foil sealed tightly

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Cowala Organic milk powder is certified

Made in New Zealand certified

New Zealand Silver Fern certified

HALAL certified 

CQC Organic certified 

IFOAM Organic certified 

BIOGRO Organic certified