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Real Food For Every Meal

Only Organic was founded in 1994 and we have continued to raise the bar in organic baby food ever since we started. The passion for nutritionally balanced meals drive us to be one of the first organic baby food brands in Australasia market. With more than 25 years of excellence, we helped parents to make better meal choices for their babies.

Family-owned, we continue to honour our legacy of genuine organic baby food. No unwanted substances were added to our recipes, then and now. We closely monitor the quality of products in our own factory at Auckland, New Zealand. The strict quality control is matched by organic certification for all products to ensure only the best hit the shelves.


Guaranteed To Make Parents & Babies Smile

Trusted quality

  • No. 1 organic baby food brand in New Zealand
  • First certified organic baby food range in New Zealand and Australia

Organic authenticity

  • Pesticide-free
  • Non-GMO ingredients only

Special formulation

  • Unique recipes designed for infants from 4+ months to 3 years old

Baby-friendly design

  • Easy to use
  • Convenient & safe packaging

Award-winning milestones

  • Multiple wins in OHbaby! Awards 2018 (Gold) and 2016
  • Mother Baby Magazine Awards 2016 (Gold)

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Organic Wholesomeness For All Ages

6+ months

Only pure and premium ingredients are used for this range plus they are strictly organic only. Real food is grown on organic farms and harvested straight to our factory. The products have a fork-mashed texture that evoke a homemade taste for your babies. Parents can help them to explore and learn chewing with little resistance to new food – perfect for picky eaters.

8+ months

This range is developed to further your baby journey of learning to eat. This is why we have a wide variety of recipes and flavours to excite their taste buds. Your baby has reached stage of self-feeding and they enjoy a degree of control. Our delicious finger food and pouch foods include a baby spoon are designed for this purpose.

10+ months

As your baby continue to explore self-feeding, parents can boost their confidence with more variety of textures, flavours, and food. This range features new ingredients, recipes, meals and snack ideas. Introduce your babies to solid food with tasty Chicken Bolognese, Vegetable Lasagne, and more as they experience love at first bite.

Kindy 1 - 5 years old

By the time your baby is one years old, they would likely mastered self-feeding skills and become more assertive about when and what they want to eat. Our products continue to complement their diet while they may have different sources of nutritional intake. Satiate their appetize for breakfast, snacks, and more with our delectable offerings.

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Quality & Safety Our No.1 Priority

Your baby is your precious, and we treat them in the same way. As parents, we take safety and quality very seriously. We create and choose recipes that we love to give to our own children - who are helpful when it comes to trialing and critiquing new recipes!

Every single batch is tested and analyzed to make sure it meets our strict standards. This includes taste testing each new batch, and daily organoleptic tests. We use precise thermal processing tailored to each recipe, ensuring that texture is up to standard, safe for consumption, and tastes delicious.

We use BPA free packaging, designed to lock in product freshness, sealed with a child-safe cap and rounded edges to ensure child safety. Let your baby experience joy of eating with Only Organic.