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Clearspring Organic Instant Polenta - GLUTEN FREE 200g

Clearspring Gluten Free Polenta is made from finely ground golden yellow Italian corn. Ready to eat in just seven minutes, it has a soft, creamy texture when cooked and can be served instead of pasta, rice or potatoes with roasted vegetables, stews and casseroles. It can also be cooked, left to set and sliced, baked, fried or grilled until brown and slightly crisp on the outside.

  • Ready in 7 minutes on the hob
  • Made from organic GMO free Italian corn
  • Low in fat
  • Great substitute for pasta, rice and potatoes
  • Serve with roasted vegetables, stews and casseroles
  • Can be cooked, left set and sliced, baked, fried or grilled until brown and crisp on the outside
  • A staple dish of northern Italy
Ingredients: 100% organic corn
For one serving, bring 250ml of water to the boil. Gradually add 50g of polenta, stirring continuously. Simmer for 7 minutes. Season to taste after cooking. For extra flavour use stock instead of water. 
This box contains 4 servings.
When cooking Polenta why not make more than you need. Serve half straight away just like mash topped with a flavourful sauce and allow the rest to cool and set to be enjoyed the following day. Left overs have never been this easy, cut into slices to make bruschetta or shape into balls or sticks and fry to make easy canapes or simple chips.
Polenta is an incredibly versatile ingredient and can be used in multitude of different ways:
  • Use slices of polenta as a base for bruschetta or canapes
  • Use like breadcrumbs as a coating prior to cooking for a crispy bite
  • Slice set polenta into cubes and deep fry to make croutons for soups and salads. Or thread onto skewers with sundried tomatoes and other veg and grill on the BBQ
  • Slice into strips and deep fry to make delicious chips
  • Use with vegetables and herbs to make a stuffing for peppers
  • Bake with it to make cornbreads, moist and dense polenta cakes and muffins
  • Make cornmeal porridge which is very popular in Caribbean cooking
Net Weight: 200g


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